What Happened to Those Other Countries?
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What Happened to Those Other Countries?

Last Revised Nov. 11, 2018

You may be wondering what happened to the other Amazon countries that Sales Rank Express used to access: Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, India, Japan, and China. Well, over the summer and early fall of 2018, Amazon revised and tightened a number of its rules and procedures regarding Amazon Associates and the Product Advertising API program that Sales Rank Express relies on for its data.

One of the unfortunate results of these changes is that S.R.E.’s partner, NovelRank, lost all its accounts. Another was that having an account in each individual country became necessary to access that country’s data. Since Sales Rank Express had relied for some time on NovelRank for many functions, it had let go of its own accounts in a number of countries. It now finds itself without many of the accounts needed to access data, and under the new requirements for Amazon Associates, with no easy way to get new ones approved.

Part of the problem is that new Associates accounts in a country can no longer receive final approval until they generate several qualifying sales. But they can also no longer use the Product Advertising API before receiving that final approval! This leaves Sales Rank Express with no direct way to generate qualifying sales and no way to access data from that country till it does.

In answer to this, Sales Rank Express has added Amazon links below the S.R.E. search form with a request to support this site by using them to start your Amazon shopping.

This helps Sales Rank Express in several ways. Some links simply earn Sales Rank Express a commission on your purchases, just as links do in S.R.E. search results. With other links, your purchases may help Sales Rank Express qualify for final approval of an Associates account in that country, which may in turn allow restoration of that country to the search form. Finally, some links may generate the qualifying sales needed to set up and maintain sales rank tracking for that country. (To prevent interference and slowdowns, Sales Rank Express aims to have two Associates accounts in each country—one for searching and one for tracking!)

Please note that your using these support links does not guarantee any specific result, and any changes in offerings are likely to take some time to materialize. But consider it a vote for Sales Rank Express in general and for the country of your interest in particular. With your help, Sales Rank Express may yet resume or even surpass its previous level of service.